Unión Martín

Unión Martín has positioned itself in the market as an example in the production and distribution of sea products. Located among the main national companies, it also has a wide experience in international markets, distributing products all around the world from Las Palmas (head office) and Valencia (branch), having a special relationship with countries like Japan, China, Singapore, Uruguay, USA, Italy, Greece, etc.

  • Our strategy is based in being present at the main producing countries (Morocco and Mauritania), which allow us to offer the best products at the best price. We stand out as specialists of cephalopods (octopus, squid, cuttlefish), flatfishes (common sole, wedge sole) and unskinned fishes (white grouper, meagre, snapper fish). We have our own fleet of 4 vessels in Morocco, in addition to an exclusive association with other shipowners, what allows us to have the best product to a fair price.
  • Besides this, we have a supply agreement with the main Atlantic fleets based in Las Palmas – mainly Japanese and Chinese fleets – and an on going collaboration with other companies around the world (Middle East, Asia, Latin America) allowing us to have a wide range of products through the whole year.
  • Our main goal has always been to offer the customers the best service and the best products in order to maintain stable and trustworthy collaborations. As a result of this philosophy, in 2011 we began supplying to the supermarket Mercadona, a reward for our way of doing things. We’ve used this new relationship to try harder in satisfying our customers – “our bosses” – by developing a wide range of fresh and processed products.
  • In recent years we’ve irrevocably bet in these commitments, investing in the development of new facilities and lines of work and applying the most demanding quality and food security standards within the market. An example of this hard work is that our processing factories are IFS (International Featured Standards), ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified. This keeps us in a continuous improvement and control process.
  • At Union Martin we want to continue growing and keeping the commitments that have take us to where we are now and to continue with the invaluable collaboration of our main motivation: our clients.

Social Responsibility


towards the environment

Through out all our industrial processes we always try to minimize the environmental impact by reducing the water and electricity consumption and also by controlling and valuing the residues we generate. Our supplying policy is based in the sustainability of the fishing resources, following the recommendations of the main control organizations and collaborating with the fleets that obey those recommendations. We want our business activity to be respectful with the environment and to be sustainable over time.



We want the employees at Unión Martín to feel the company as their own, encouraging the collaboration and involvement of all the organizational levels.
Among our measures to achieve this we stand out the training of our workers, not only in the improvement of their work tasks but also in workplace risk prevention in order to guarantee the security and safety of our team.

Members of

a responsible society

We consider society to be the main value of our success and continuity that is why we are committed to give back in different ways.

  • Collaborating with different Nonprofits, both economically and with product donations.
  • Encouraging the visits of training centers and foundations to our facilities in order to improve the training of students and social groups.
  • Reinvesting our earnings in order to keep growing and improving, which generates employment and wealth in our community.
  • Investing in countries where we have fishing agreements, generating wealth in local communities.




At Unión Martín we are very committed with quality assurance, encouraging the improvement of our control systems. Every year we set new objectives of Food Security, Sustainability and Environmental Safety in order to keep updated and dynamic systems and benefiting from them.

  • For that reason we have introduced a new integrated management system required for the international IFS Food standard, ISO 14001:2015 environmental management systems and ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems.
  • In addition of those certificates, we keep a close relationship with our main customer with an open-book philosophy that is thoroughly inspected every four months.
  • We also are an intermediate facility of Category 3 Sandach products, being one of the first companies from the Canary Islands to achieve it. With this movement we generate the minimum impact into our society with our residues, making agreements with processing companies that use those residues to produce food for animals.

Guarantee Certificates