nión Martín Group is a conglomerate of companies originating in the Canary Islands who share a clear international vocation. This shared vision has transformed us into a benchmark in the fishing, transformation and commercialization of Cephalopods originating from FAO34.

  • We specialize in Cephalopods (Octopus, Saharan Squid and Cuttlefish) originating from the best fishing waters in the world, FAO 34, although we have also developed expertise in the “by-catch” of other Flatfish (Sole and Acedia).
  • Unión Martin GROUP manages each and every phase of the value-chain: from catching, preparation and processing to the distribution and commercialization of all sea produce. This vertical integration allows us to guarantee regular deliveries of the best quality product to our customers. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients.

Group companies



FAO 34


Exclusive agreements with Morocco and Mauritania.


Tons sold in 2018



Catching, preparation and processing, distribution and commercialization of our products.


Years of experience



And 30% catch of Flatfish and Finfish in strategic locations.


  • 1998 Unión Martín is founded in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria by José Lorenzo Noda Martín (current CPO), as a commercial enterprise for the production of sea produce specializing in Cephalopods.
  • 2003 Pablo Gómez-Pablos (former CFO) and several other partners become shareholding members of Unión Martín, thereby strengthening and enriching the company with more than 30 years of experience in the seafood produce sector.
  • 2008 The company opens the ‘Sala’ production plant in the strategically located industrial estate of El Sebadal, in the Las Palmas seaport (Spain).
  • 2011 Mercadona, one of the largest supermarket chains in Spain, chooses UM as their principal supplier of sea produce in the Canary Islands.
  • 2014 Acquisition of 49% of shares in Palma Pesca, a Moroccan company responsible for catching Cephalopods in Moroccan fishing territories.
    • Palma Pesca acquires 7 fishing vessels, consolidating Morocco as UM’s main supply market.
    • The company establishes an agreement with local providers in Mauritania to gain access to their fishing territories.
  • 2016 Unión Martín opens ‘Rotonda’, their second production plant in Las Palmas.
  • 2017 Alantra PE joins as a new majority shareholder, strengthening the leadership team.


Commitment to

the Environment


e continuously strive to minimize our environmental impact across all of our industrial processes by reducing the consumption of water and electricity, in addition to controlling and recovering any waste generated. Our supply policy is also based on the sustainable fishing of fish stocks, respecting all recommendations made by regulatory agencies, as well as ensuring that any fleets we collaborate with also comply with such recommendations. In this way, we strive to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable in our work are possible.




e encourage the whole Unión Martín working family to make the company’s project their own, fostering collaboration and participation at all levels of the organization. Among the many different measures undertaken to ensure this unity, we believe it is extremely important that all staff receive the necessary training, both in terms of improving the way they work and in risk prevention to ensure the continued monitoring of the security and health of our staff.

Members of a

Responsible Society


e believe that society is the main patron of our success and continuity, which is why we are committed to giving back to the community in any way we can:

  • Collaborating with various NGOs, both economically and via food donations.
  • Encouraging training centers and foundations to visit our facilities in order to enrich the educational process of their students and social groups.
  • Reinvesting our profits back into the business so that we can continue to grow and improve, which in turn generates jobs and wealth in our community.
  • Investing in the countries who we share fishing agreements with, generating wealth for their local communities.





t Unión Martín, we are committed to quality, promoting continuous improvement in our own control systems. We set ourselves annual targets when it comes to Food Safety, Sustainability and the Environment, with the aim of creating lively and dynamic systems in order to get the most out of our work as possible.

  • For this reason, we have established an Integrated Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Administration and ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management.
  • In addition to the above certifications, we pride ourselves on maintaining a close relationship with our customer, operating an open books policy that undergoes comprehensive review every quarter.
  • We are also a category 3 intermediate plant for Sandach products, and one of the first Canary Island companies to achieve this status. This all allows us to minimize our environmental impact on society by responsibly managing our waste. We have established agreements with several waste processing companies who use any food waste generated to make animal feed.

Quality Certificates